Music for Life International and American Pakistan Foundation present
Beethoven for the Indus Valley
The Beneficiary / Remarks by Jacqueline Novogratz
Acumen Fund is a pioneering not-for-profit venture fund that is changing how the world addresses poverty. Acumen Fund invests patient capital in businesses that deliver critical, affordable goods and services to the world’s poor, improving the lives of millions. Since its founding in 2001, Acumen Fund has impacted over 40 million lives and created more than 45,000 jobs by investing over $50 million in patient capital in innovative businesses that deliver critical, affordable goods
and services to the poor. Acumen Fund invests in water, health, energy,
housing and agriculture solutions aimed at low-income consumers in South
Asia and East Africa
Acumen Fund’s long-term vision is that one day, every human being will have access to the critical goods and services they need to make choices for themselves and pursue lives of greater purpose. Acumen Fund imagines a future where policymakers, governments, aid organizations, and corporations work in tandem to redefine the way the world addresses poverty.

Acumen Fund has been investing in Pakistan since 2002, and established its local office in 2006. It has invested more than $11 million in organizations that are breaking new ground, tackling some of the biggest local challenges and building solutions that can scale. Acumen Fund invests in innovative entrepreneurs who are change agents and is the largest and most recognized social investor in Pakistan, helping shape the conversation around how to focus on sustainable change. Acumen Fund’s Pakistan portfolio includes investments in affordable housing, drinking wa ter solutions, health insurance and agriculture. Acumen Fund has a strong and growing local community of support ers – partners, advisors and others who share its values and support the organization in realizing its vision of providing choice not charity and dignity, not dependence.

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