Music for Life International and American Pakistan Foundation present
Beethoven for the Indus Valley
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Media for Beethoven for the Indus Valley


Beethoven 9th, at Carnegie, Benefits Beleaguered Indus Valley Flood Victims Voice of America TV

Indian Conductor Leads Concert in NY to Raise Funds for Pak’s Flood Victims India Tribune

Beethoven Symphony Unites Americans for Pakistan Flood Recovery US State Department

Musical Movement for Pakistani Community The Wall Street Journal

Ravaged Pakistan Gets Beethoven
Bloomberg News

‘Beethoven for the Indus Valley’ Concert to Benefit Flood Victims Jan. 31 Playbill Arts

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Beethoven Symphony Soothes Pakistan’s Flood Victims and Sends Them Succor East-West Inquirer

Concert for Pakistan flood victims held in New York Associated Press of Pakistan

Beethoven’s Music for flood victims Pakistan Tribune

Beethoven 9th, at Carnegie, Benefits Beleaguered Indus Valley Flood Victims Q on Stage (NY)

Photos from The Saturday Post (Pakistan)

Pakistan Express (NY, PDF)

Blue Chip
(Pakistan, PDF)

Column in “The Score,”
Symphony Magazine (PDF)

photo by Joseph R. Saporito from
Morris Robinson, Laquita Mitchell, George Mathew, Margaret Lattimore & Sean Panikkar

Press and Radio from Past Humanitarian Concerts Below

Mahler for the Children of AIDS (2009)
“The Longest Mahler, Played With Urgency” New York Times Music Review by Steve Smith
“Conductor's Zeal Rallies NYC for a Cause" New York Post
“MUSIC: George Mathew uses music again to try to change the world" SAJAForum

Requiem for Darfur (2007)

"Requiem for Darfur: A song of solidarity" UNICEF MEDIA
"Making Music Speak for Those Without a Voice" The New York Times
"Orchestral Maneuvers" New York Magazine

Beethoven’s Ninth for South Asia (2006)
BBC World Urdu Service
New York Based Conductor Organizes Benefit Set To Beethoven NY 1
“Beethoven’s 9th symphony for New York quake fund-raiser” Pakistan Daily Times


Music as a civic "conspiracy": George Mathew on Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon
Requiem for Darfur on Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon
A Carnegie Hall 'Requiem' for Darfur Refugees on NPR Weekend Editionwith Scott Simon